Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -
Painting with watercolors is one of my greatest delights – it always has been,
since I was a very young girl
. It is a way for me to visually
 express my creativity within an environment of great tranquility.
 My feelings of reverence & mysticism for the spiritual beliefs & legends
of our Aboriginal Peoples of Canada are present in my work.
My art is also a declaration of my deep connection & concern for the natural environment.
It takes a mere instant to come up with an idea for a new work of art.
Yet, it sometimes seems like an eternity to transpose this “flash of inspiration” from
a blank illustration board into a finished painting.
Using a limited palette, (to see a sampling of Judi's techniques)
I apply several layers of transparent watercolor over my finished pencil drawing,
before beginning my detailed work.
Herein begins my greatest challenge. This is to portray my interpretation of the
wonderful complexities of nature – to delve deeper and discover the delightful patterns,
shapes and textures of this inner world.
In so doing, I find the stillness & inner peace that brings me such joy.
Judi Wild
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about Judi........ 
         After spending her first 4 years in rural Alberta Judi moved to Southern
England with her mother & sister. It was here that she entered the English school system
and studied the fine art of watercolors.
At age 14 Judi returned to Canada and upon completion of High School
 and one year of college, Judi began a career with the Provincial Government
of Alberta. She was first hired as a junior file clerk but quickly advanced her
 career by taking numerous night courses. After 12 years of progressive promotion
 she earned the position of a senior drafting technologist. Judi & her husband were also raising
 2 children at this time, so this left no extra time to pursue her talent as an artist.
The yearning for a more creative outlet triggered her acceptance of a
 demanding position as a graphic designer with the city of
 Edmonton (Ed Tel now run by Telus) She worked here for
another 11 years. By this time Judi was also advancing her painting
 career at night, often working into the early hours of the morning.
Her job as a designer demanded much of her attention with many
deadlines & many hours of overtime. Because a market for her art
began to develop quite rapidly, Judi had to make a decision
whether to remain in her secure job as a graphic designer or
move to Vancouver Island & follow a life-long dream of
earning a living solely from her watercolors.
On several occasions she has regretted choosing the latter. The next
few years proved to be a bumpy journey for Judi, but she is a survivor.
With her positive attitude & determination and a caring husband by her side,
she rose above the years of struggle to a sustainable life as a respected &
renowned artist. Judi now enjoys giving back to the environment & the
 community that supported her in the past – in the way of art donations.
Her later works reveal both her fascination for the legends & beliefs
 of the ancient Coastal tribes and her respect & concern for the environment.
Her watercolor style is quite unique. She uses a limited palette &
a labour-intensive dry-brush technique. Judi begins by applying several
layers of transparent color over a completed pencil drawing, followed by
hours & hours of intricate detailed work. Her images have remarkable
 depth to them, so much so that it is hard to believe that the artist is
working on a flat surface. Because it takes hundreds of hours to
 finish a painting, Judi is able to complete only one major piece per year.
Such determination to succeed is paying off. Her art is increasingly
 in demand and has been acquired by private & corporate collectors
world-wide. It can also be viewed in galleries across British Columbia
& Alberta.
It is a great honor to be able to announce the acceptance
of Judi Wild's entire Ninstints collection into the
Canadian National Archives

BLOG taken from the International Watercolor College in Buffalo, New York



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