Through the years I have been asked "from where do you gather your inspiration for your work?" My answer seemed so obvious at the time. "My creative inspiration comes from the natural world which surrounds me. Its my religion, my spirituality". After delving into my past I realize that my artwork is very much a composite of my past.......and my inspiration comes from my many experiences gained throughout my life.

I have always been a creative soul............bursting with positive artistic energy fueled by the encouragement from family, teachers friends and art enthusiasts. My mother recognized my talent before me. As a youngster I was drawing on walls, sculpting with Plasticine....building sandcastles ..........whatever I could find to express my creativity. My mother often told the story of how amazed she was when I showed her a perfect sculpted replica of a camel. I am now wondering if it was an attempt at a horse which I had seen on several occasions in rural Alberta. Her enthusiasm was uplifting. She was my greatest fan and encouraged me later in life to pursue my passion. I think her biggest regret was that she didn't pursue her own dreams and wanted her youngest daughter to have that encouragement & opportunity that she missed.

During the first few years of my life we lived near a Native reserve in Rural Alberta and were very poor. It was here that I absorbed the culture and spirituality of our First nations Peoples. Those years have greatly influenced my later paintings: both my Ninstints series and my Spirits series.............. read more