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British Columbia's rare and beautiful  SPIRIT BEAR

BREAKING NEWS _our sacred spirit bear officially protected

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"Guardian of the Spirit Bear"
by Judi Wild

Beautiful printed open edition lithographed
signed & numbered prints

item no. 201OE
series 200

Spirits  (4)



Ninstints (7)


Birds  (8)


Wildlife (3)






open edition s/n//// size:" 27.5" X 39.5"
 item no. 201OE

All the proceeds from sale of prints will be donated by the artist to the

Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society

BREAKING NEWS _our sacred spirit bear officially protected

At the beginning of time, so the legend goes, the whole world was white with ice & snow.
Then the Raven came from heaven and made the world green as it is today.
But he also wanted to make something to remind himself of the beginning and it's whiteness
 So on this special island, he went among the black bears, and every tenth one he made white -
 that way he could look at them and remember the world the way it was
....... then the Raven issued a decree:
"The white bears would live here forever in peace"


Judi Wild has devoted well over 600 hours to complete this remarkable work of art entitled
"Guardian of the Spirit Bear".
On Wednesday April 4th. 2001 an exceptional event took place, of universal significance. All opposing sides came together, in peace, and signed an agreement banning any more logging within the Great Bear Rain forest, including Princess Royal Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands.

info on the Kermode (Spirit) bear
my vision for a spirit bear sanctuary
 interpretation of the LIFE CYCLE

BREAKING NEWS _our sacred spirit bear officially protected

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