Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -


Judi's new watercolor images emphasize the bond between
the culture of our indigenous heritage
................and the natural world
"Shaman - eagle transformation"
by Judi Wild
"Eagle soar, fly on high, touch Great Spirit-
creator of all things. Honor me, cherish me,
that I may embrace your healing power."


It is said that because the eagle soars to the creator
it has a unique connection with the spirit world.

In tribal culture a Shaman is of this world rather than from
this world. They are healers who transcend "the boundaries
between the everyday world and the spirit realm, between
 ordinary consciousness and the dimension of visions
and dreams" with the help of animal, bird or plant spirit.

 A Shaman believes that a troubled mind & spirit
must be soothed before the body can be healed.

The SHAMAN is without gender - embracing the traits of both man & woman


Shaman - Eagle transformation by Judi Wild

When I look at this painting I feel both chaos and serenity. In the lower half of the painting the Shaman observes a disturbed world with all it's chaos and distractions. The Shaman, while transforming into an eagle diffuses this earthly negativity into a more positive energy - thus creating a more peaceful, gentle & loving world.
observation by Carolynne Hutter 2013




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