Judi Wild - watercolorist with a difference -


Judi is one of Canada's many environmental artists.
Through her artwork she is able to express her feelings of reverence
 & understanding of the spiritual beliefs of our ancient aboriginal peoples of Canada.
An ethereal quality to her paintings adds to this mysticism, while promoting
 her deep connection & concern for the natural environment.

Judi Wild has moved back home to Vancouver Island where she now lives in retreat. Surrounded by nature, she is grateful for the peace and tranquility which allows her creative side to shine through. It is here that she continues her deep connection & respect for the natural world.

 Judi uses a unique dry-brush technique with her watercolors. and very fine 07 brushes.
It is not unusual for a painting to take 100's of hours to complete. The result is an astounding 3-D effect - it is hard to believe  that she is working on a flat surface


A call from the Wild & Let it be

(set in mint condition - in original packaging set)


please contact: Terri Morrison [tlmorr@yahoo.ca]

$350.00 for the pair plus shipping








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